On your mark, get set, go… on a fitness break at Mykonos Grand!

 Mykonos Grand fitness break with tennis court, squash court, gym, fitness center and yoga sessions

My suitcase stands ready, packed from the previous evening. Swimsuit, light clothing, hats, two or three evening ensembles and my sport shoes. Trainers, shorts, leggings. They’re never far from hand. Fitness is a way of life for me, and even on vacation, I never interrupt my favorite daily routine. This summer at Mykonos Grand luxury hotel I’ll swim my heart out, play tennis till the sun goes down or before it even rises high into the bright blue sky, test my limits jogging through the winding paths of Mykonos island, with the encouragement of none other than the experienced Mykonos Grand coaching team.

And…we’re off!

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Mykonos Spa: Carried Away on the Soothing Waves of Althea Spa Center

Mykonos Althea Spa offer relaxing massages, unique beauty treatments, facials, manicures & pedicures

As I walked down the stairs, the first thing I noticed was a warm smile lighting up a clear face. Anastasia, the Spa manageress, was pretty: flawless skin, bright eyes and a wide, genuine smile that revealed her inner beauty.

I had arrived just two hours earlier. I had enjoyed a refreshing virgin mojito poolside, while getting lost in the infinite shades of blue dancing before my eyes under the sparkling sun. My better half dove into the water contentedly while I lay out under the warm sun trying to awaken my senses after the long, tiring winter that had passed.

“I feel like my skin is a sickly white color, and so dry. Dehydrated from hot winter showers, heavy clothes and lack of water, which in the winter you have to make yourself drink since your body just doesn’t ask for it. It’s screaming for rehydration. My body, tired and weary from the hours I make it sit in front of a computer screen, longs for a touch that will soothe it, refresh it, invigorate it”. That’s what I told her. And she, with that same warm smile, nodded empathetically as she listened, understanding my body’s need for a bit of pampering.

I reclined on a comfortable bed in a fragrant treatment room. Serenity and clarity began to softly envelop me. I sensed an intangible lightness and freshness slowly seep into my fatigued body. The treatment began with a hydrating spray, and immediately afterwards my skin was freed of the dead cells that had taken over its outer layer, with a foaming scrub and natural sea sponge. And then… the journey truly began. A re-acquaintance with my body through the hands of my personal treatment specialist. A product that smelled of sea and purity, soft to the touch, a concentrate of seawater, Oligomer ®, rich in the trace elements and minerals that are so vital for the body’s proper functioning, soothed me of stress yet simultaneously stimulated, reinvigorated, enlivened me.

When the treatment was over, I sipped mint-infused water and stood up. I no longer felt that all-too-familiar weight pulling me down. My skin, silky both in appearance and to the touch. My mood had changed. I felt lighter, I spoke more confidently, more quickly. I bounded up the stairs and stretched out under an umbrella in a poolside lounge chair. I was ready to begin my holiday. Refreshed, rehydrated, pampered. I couldn’t have dreamed of a more perfect start to my vacation.

The Althea Spa 90-minute Sea Foam Massage, at Mykonos Grand. Uncover beauty treatments by our highly-trained specialists, at the most experienced and knowledgeable Mykonos spa. Find the treatment that best suits your skin type and needs, and surrender yourself to the delight of a unique spa treatment through our exclusive products and soothing hands of our spa therapists!

Mykonos Grand Spa relaxing treatment with therapist reinvigorating guest during Mykonos treatment

A Genuine Mykonian Welcome

Mykonos Grand Genuine welcome to guests at the top 5 star Mykonos resort

We were having a “lively” discussion about Greece, about this incredibly blessed country of ours, and its ability to turn tourism into a serious industry. At points we agreed, at others butted heads. We spoke in our mother tongue, on high volume as Greeks tend to do, with solid arguments based in cold, hard fact and other, more shaky ones based in wishful thinking. But when the subject of Mykonos came up, spirits calmed. Tones softened. The discussion became a flurry of positive examples. Shining case studies of a different Greece within Greece. One of the first mentioned was Mykonos Grand Luxury Hotel, crowning jewel of the legendary island, one of the world’s top 10 beach hotels according to the CNT 2014 Gold List, renowned for its facilities, services and hospitality, a role model for aesthetics and tourism infrastructure. And from there began a long conversation about the island and its tourism dynamics…

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Mykonos Grand Conde Nast Traveler Award Gold List 2014

Mykonos Grand Hotel Beach, Ayios Yiannis with sacred island of Delos opposite

“Delightful and marvelous”

Steady rain has been falling since this morning. The sun has decided not to make an appearance once again today. On afternoons like these, you get the gloomy feeling that day has all but forgotten to break. Darkness and bone-chilling dampness. Yet in the corner of my mind there is something that keeps me bright and cheery. That gives me a familiar, cozy feeling. A vivid recollection I am eager to experience again and again. I curl up under the warm blankets, close my eyes and am transported to the “delightful and marvelous”, where the sun always shines bright, shedding its golden spotlight on the beauty spread out below it, on the Cycladic island of Mykonos, on Ayios Yiannis Beach, at Mykonos Grand, the only Mykonos hotel featured on the Conde Nast Traveler Gold List 2014.

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For Premium Stays, Mykonos Grand New Room Type: Premium Sea View Rooms

Premium Sea View Room at Mykonos Grand Luxury Resort, 5 star beach hotel

The door opened and I just stood there, stunned. The open windows let the curtains softly billow in the playful Aegean breeze wafting in to meet the freshness of this newly-introduced room’s interior.

My gaze took it all in. Design highlighted by the stylish appeal of uncluttered lines, elegance emerging from simple sophistication, as if passed over by the brushstroke of a gifted artist. Greek-inspired aesthetic that diffuses light through the use of natural materials has found, here in these newly-introduced rooms at Mykonos Grand Luxury Hotel, the perfect environment to express itself, in the sunniest corner of the planet, on Mykonos.

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Mykonian Chimneys: The art of architecture at Mykonos Grand

Whitewashed Mykonian Chimney at Mykonos Grand luxury hotel against a dazzling blue sky.

2,800 to 2,300 BC, in the Cyclades art approached the divine with the simple, linear, restless soul of the seafarer etched on the island marble. It reflected the light that had been its inspiration and depicted the land that had created it. The anthropocentric character of an art form, whose unique beauty inspired great sculptors such as Brancusi and Modigliani, sprung forth from the Cycladic islands with their distinctive architecture.

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Mykonos Exclusive Event

Mykonos Grand Hotel invitation for unique events and birthday celebrations

The invitation read:

We only live once.

And since I’ve reached the ripe old age of 40,

I’m celebrating and inviting you to the birthday party of my dreams.

On the island of my childhood,

of my rebellious teenage years,

the place where I found my other half,

the place I return to again and again to find myself,

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Althea Spa Center: The road to “catharsis” at Mykonos Grand

Connect yourself with the Aegean Sea and the Mykonian landscape enjoying a unique outdoor massageThe Althea Spa Center is a unique Mykonos Spa located opposite the sacred island of Delos, birthplace of the mythological god of light Apollo, and coincidentally one the sunniest areas in the world. This increased sunshine blesses the area with a high concentration of cosmic energy, something that will undoubtedly heighten your Mykonos Grand spa experience.

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