I Fell in Love with Easter on Mykonos

04 April 2012

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Easter on Mykonos

I never used to like Easter. The mercilessly slow, repetitive tolling of the church bells, the seemingly interminable gray, rainy days, the pungent aroma of incense incongruously mixed with the first scents of spring, all gave me a feeling of nausea and weighed down on my mood. Until… I experienced my first Easter on the island of Mykonos.

Here the smells of spring are carried along by the salty sea air, a delightfully heady union inviting you to slow down and breathe deeply. The tiny, humble, whitewashed churches seem to come alive and reverberate with the chants of Holy Week, their lofty resonance taking on a deep, primeval meaning, compelling passersby, and even the most apathetic, to whisper in their presence. The narrow alleys burst with activity. Happy faces, carefree, relaxed, without the slightest trace of the compulsory sorrow expected during these days, sway in unison in front of the open doors of the cafés and upscale restaurants that line the picturesque passageways.

I remember the Epitaph passing by, with lights being dimmed and music abruptly turned off as it neared, everyone bowing their head, not in fear, but in solemn respect towards the procession of faithful believers gathered from many corners of the globe, with a blend of sweet melancholy and expectation permeating the air. And in the morning, the Mykonos beaches welcome the island’s visitors, who serenely close their eyes and let the revitalizing sun, which simply refuses to hide, caress them with its still gentle rays.

Easter is the turning point when Mykonos emerges from its winter stillness, and celebrates this awakening by sharing its abundant joy and optimism with its guests. The island is refreshed, re-energized and ready to host yet another “summer” season, replete with a wealth of new experiences.

On Mykonos, Easter becomes one with spring, with joy, with light, with rebirth, with life itself.

P.S. The Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort will welcome the 2012 season on April 26. We are looking forward to seeing all of our old and new friends, and are already working hard to ensure that your stay on our island will be enjoyable and truly unforgettable. 

Greek Easter on Mount Athos

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