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Christmas on Mykonos: Here’s to you!

December 26, 2012

Serenity. A speck of land in the vastness of the deep blue that surrounds it, a blue that is punctured by a graceful scattering of Cyclades islands and islets. Mykonos is at rest. She breathes calmly, steadily. She might even perceive the distant echo of endless summertime celebrations gone by. On the island that the sun never overlooks, even during these winter days, where the wind subsides and the sea darkens but doesn’t churn, Christmas comes in shades of pure white and gleaming gold. From Mykonos Town homes and alleyways; from the cliffs and sandy beaches, proudly facing the horizon from their now-deserted coves..

The people of Mykonos, finally rested, with doors and hearts wide open, among family, friends and relatives, everyone an acquaintance at least on this tiny island with a huge name, gather to toast to each other’s health, to give thanks for those that the past summer visited Mykonos, and to pray for the coming summers, when their tiny corner of the globe will once again be replete with voices, laughter, music, excitement, life.

All of us at Mykonos Grand raise our red wine-filled glasses, and before the start of yet another season, we pray to God: that we and our loved ones be well; that the people who work with us be strong, those whose pride and love for what they do have helped define the unrivalled Mykonian hospitality year after year. And that you be well, too, all of you who have followed us on our summer journeys, year after year, who have shared your carefree moments with us, who have let yourself be pampered by us, and to you who will return to our welcoming embrace in the years to come; here’s to you!

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