Mykonos Grand Conde Nast Traveler Award Gold List 2014

March 18, 2014

“Delightful and marvelous”

Steady rain has been falling since this morning. The sun has decided not to make an appearance once again today. On afternoons like these, you get the gloomy feeling that day has all but forgotten to break. Darkness and bone-chilling dampness. Yet in the corner of my mind there is something that keeps me bright and cheery. That gives me a familiar, cozy feeling. A vivid recollection I am eager to experience again and again. I curl up under the warm blankets, close my eyes and am transported to the “delightful and marvelous”, where the sun always shines bright, shedding its golden spotlight on the beauty spread out below it, on the Cycladic island of Mykonos, on Ayios Yiannis Beach, at Mykonos Grand, the only Mykonos hotel featured on the Conde Nast Traveler Gold List 2014.

Lounging on my room’s terrace, I find it difficult to concentrate on the pages of the book I am holding in my hands. I keep sneaking peeks at the 500 sqm pool below, the Aegean Sea in front and the sacred island of Delos opposite. An MG staff member passes from umbrella to umbrella politely asking pool guests if they need their sunglasses cleaned with his impeccable white gloves. To my right, a young man swirls a net around the private infinity pool of one of the suites, carefully removing leaves from its water. And all around me the gleaming white of the typical Cycladic cube-shaped structures, embellished with trimmings of marble and mosaic. My gaze relaxes and revels in anything it takes in. Everything is beautiful, or as they say in Greek “oreo”, a word that literally translated means “on time”, “precise”, “striking”. Effortlessly beautiful, luxurious in its simplicity.

Mykonos Grand Luxury Hotel was blessed by the land that was the inspiration for its creation. The beach of Ayios Yiannis, calm and welcoming, gazes across at Delos. All around, the characteristic cube-shaped whitewashed houses, clean, narrow alleys lined with flagstone painted white, the humble chapels. Mykonos Grand is a worthy descendant of its island home, with its flawless patience, its heartfelt services, its genuine smiles, its delectable tastes prepared with love and care. The magic of this place melded with the vision and inspiration for such a hotel, and so MG my beloved –and beloved by many, many more around the world – once again, graces the Conde Nast traveler Gold List 2014, the only Mykonos hotel featured on the prestigious list and one of the Top 10 World’s best beach hotels.


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