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On your mark, get set, go… on a fitness break at Mykonos Grand!

August 12, 2014

My suitcase stands ready, packed from the previous evening. Swimsuit, light clothing, hats, two or three evening ensembles and my sport shoes. Trainers, shorts, leggings. They’re never far from hand. Fitness is a way of life for me, and even on vacation, I never interrupt my favorite daily routine. This summer at Mykonos Grand luxury hotel I’ll swim my heart out, play tennis till the sun goes down or before it even rises high into the bright blue sky, test my limits jogging through the winding paths of Mykonos island, with the encouragement of none other than the experienced Mykonos Grand coaching team. And…we’re off!



At the front desk I meet the same kind, happy faces. Handsome faces, truly welcoming, that greet you with a genuine smile, as if seeing an old friend after a long absence. We chatted and caught up. The kids have grown. They’re so tall! I have a new hairdo. My husband, paler than ever, is in dire need of the generous Mykonian sun to get back his healthy color. We are taken to our new room. A Premium Sea View room for us this summer. The bathroom simply stunning. The furnishings, elegant and uncluttered. The perfect backdrop from which to dive into our holiday. The ideal place to come to a harmonious balance with my own being, my wants and needs. My voice cries out with joy as I urge my children to put on their swimsuits and run down to the hotel beach, literally at our feet. My husband heads out with them. Tentatively at first, like a snail coming out into the sun after a downpour, then picking up speed, he puts on his swimsuit, sunglasses and hat, slathers sunscreen on his winter white skin and heads off behind the kids towards the sparkling turquoise water. I lace up my sports shoes and hurry off towards the tennis court. It looks down on the sea and the island of Delos spread out before it. My tennis pro is there waiting, smiling as ever –the sun is still low in the sky and a light sea breeze cools our skin, we hit the tennis balls back and forth and they bounce effortlessly off the brand new resinflex soft flooring material, an innovative surface coating system with amazing flexibility and cushioning, which makes us move more lightly on our feet as well. Excited, I book a morning session for every day of our stay here, and my instructor ensures me that even if the Aegean winds are not in our favor on any given day, the air-conditioned squash court with its flawless wooden floor awaits us just next to the Althea Spa Center. Reinvigorated, I run to the reception desk and book a personal training workout for my better half, who by now should have already gotten a healthy d of vitamin D thanks to the ample Mykonian sun. At sunset, he will run along one of the island’s jogging paths on a route designed by the hotel’s training team and enjoy the stunning Mykonian landscape and architecture, and immediately following that he’ll head over to the hotel’s fully-equipped Technogym fitness center, recently enlarged to 80 m², to work on his muscle tone. A powerful awakening of the senses, at the hotel that is so close to our heart, at Mykonos Grand luxury resort. Just before dinner, I glimpse a couple enjoying a unique Hatha Yoga session under the watchful eye of an expert yoga trainer in the hotel’s spectacular outdoor stone amphitheater. What an ideal setting for exercise and inner serenity, I think. And as I lift my glass to make a toast wishing for a successful holiday, I know in my heart that my wish has already been granted. By choosing Mykonos Grand. If you’re looking for a hotel with a variety of sport activities, a rejuvenating spa center and a beachfront location, book Mykonos Grand for unforgettable holidays.

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