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Flights or ferries to Mykonos: by air or by sea… straight into the Mykonos Grand embrace!

January 29, 2013

One gray day, when the rain and cold have chilled you to the bone, flip through your agenda and find some free days when you can visit. Book a ticket and come. We’ll be waiting to welcome you back”. What a warm, lovely invitation to brighten a dull winter’s day. In just a few sincere words that wouldn’t take no for an answer, my friend Theodoris extended an open invitation to visit his enchanting island. And that’s exactly what I did. I opened my agenda and scoured the dates, looking for the perfect time to take this much-needed Mykonos spa break with my family. I noted down a few and immediately called my husband. We went through the dates together and as soon as the one that seemed perfect had been agreed upon, we got down to our next task.

Where we would stay had already been determined by the invitation itself. At the Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort, of course. You see, I have the good fortune of having a friend in Theodoris, the heart and soul behind this gorgeous Mykonos luxury hotel. But how to get there? By plane? By ferry? Which ferry? What is the fastest, most convenient way to get to heaven on Earth, to the stunning Ayios Yiannis beach hotel with its picture-perfect view of sacred Delos and the blazing sunsets beyond? The “openseas” site provided us with all boat routes, simply and easily, both in English and Greek. As soon as a route has been selected, you can link directly to the ferry site of your choice to confirm your reservation.

And by plane? Your fastest option. Athens to Mykonos and its pure white, stunning Cycladic Architecture in just 20 minutes. It doesn’t get any more tempting than this. Two domestic airlines, Aegean or Olympic Air. Both fantastic.

Luckily, nowadays many airlines fly directly to Mykonos from major European cities including London, Paris, Zurich, Vienna, Barcelona, Milan, Zurich, Frankfurt, Rome…

It took me seconds to decide. I chose the ferry. I adore the destination and I love the getting there as much. The deep Aegean blue whets my appetite even more for the arrival at hand. And that unforgettable image of the port from afar, with its humble, whitewashed houses proudly waiting for the boats to pull in. This alone makes the 3-hour ferry trip worth it.

For traveling to Mykonos, you may check your options through the following travel sites. And remember to inform the hotel of your arrival details so they can arrange your transportation service and ensure a warm welcome to the resort:

Ferries: (This site is useful for all boats)


Domestic Flights:


International Flights: (From London, Paris, Geneva, Rome, Milan) (From Zurich) (From Vienna, Paris) (From Barcelona) (from Brussels) (from Frankfurt)

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