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Mykonian Chimneys: The art of architecture at Mykonos Grand

August 25, 2013


2,800 to 2,300 BC, in the Cyclades art approached the divine with the simple, linear, restless soul of the seafarer etched on the island marble. It reflected the light that had been its inspiration and depicted the land that had created it. The anthropocentric character of an art form, whose unique beauty inspired great sculptors such as Brancusi and Modigliani, sprung forth from the Cycladic islands with their distinctive architecture.

The simplicity of the lives of these islanders is reflected there, in the clusters of houses with their smooth, asymmetrical lines and chimneys –works of the islanders themselves whose thoughts are transported by the vast sea which unfolds enticingly before them. Simple, humble structures, with asymmetrical shapes and smoothed edges, rest the gaze and free the imagination.

In the spirit of the Mykonians, the people of Mykonos, who are born and live here, dream, create and stand tall, the Mykonos Grand beachfront hotel incorporated the “kapassi” (chimneys) of the land. At every turn of this Mykonos luxury hotel, with its stunning backdrop of the vast blue Aegean Sea and the ancient island of Delos peeking out opposite, these famed chimneys rise, at times like sculptures loftily looking towards the heavens, others resembling intricate pigeon coops, some with smooth corners, others sharp, yet all evoking a unified Mykonian spirit, respectfully and humbly.

Next to the pool area, near the “Aqua e Sole” Restaurant, whitewashed against a dazzling blue sky in the north-western sector of the resort, above the grand staircase, adjacent to the outdoor chess board, on the main hotel building, everywhere. These kapassi are an integral part of the architecture at Mykonos Grand, emphasizing the island’s distinctive artistic style, the unparalleled aesthetics of the Cyclades, the beauty of unpretentious simplicity.

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