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Mykonos Exclusive Event

July 15, 2013


The invitation read:

We only live once.

And since I’ve reached the ripe old age of 40,

I’m celebrating and inviting you to the birthday party of my dreams.

On the island of my childhood,

of my rebellious teenage years,

the place where I found my other half,

the place I return to again and again to find myself,

On my beloved Mykonos 

PS: Bring your most comfortable clothes for dancing, as well as a swimsuit.

PPS: For you who are sharing this moment with me, a luxurious Sea facing room awaits you

Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort, Ayios Yiannis

I screeched. I cranked up the volume of Monsieur Minimal’s “Party” and started dancing around the room like a madwoman. Who cares if I too am turning 40? At 20, it seemed that 40 was a dreary milestone on the distant horizon. With tedious responsibilities such as children and pets. At 30 I tempered my attitude as I saw the years pass. At 40, my children are a gift from God, my face still fresh and my gaze strong. So what if there’s a permanent wrinkle across my forehead or if my tummy still looks bloated after sweating through endless sit-ups? Happiness was never measured in inches or centimeters. My best friend is turning 40 and we’re heading to magical Mykonos once again. Where each corner of the island holds a memory: some never to be revealed, others told and retold. And retold. Our children cover their ears in feigned despair each time they hear the dreaded “remember when…” But now we won’t reminisce about good times gone by. We’ll create new memories. We’ll dance the night away. We’ll swim out in to the deep, we’ll gaze in hushed marvel at the sun setting behind sacred Delos, we’ll whisper secrets and tidbits of harmless gossip, we’ll relish all the moment has to offer and we’ll abandon ourselves to its magic. Because it is magical to turn 40, to be happy and be able to celebrate your joy by giving such a gift to friends, four days in Mykonos, in the warm embrace of the luxurious Mykonos Grand, so memorable and so familiar…

“Happy Birthday my friend!” I shouted. And my heartbeat quickened.

Mykonos Grand Luxury Beach Hotel offers you the unique opportunity, during specific times of the year, to rent out the entire hotel complex for a specified time period for exclusive events such as wedding receptions, birthday parties, anniversaries, corporate events, conferences, etc.:

  • All 107 rooms & suites reserved exclusively for your guests
  • Our 500sqm swimming pool for your exclusive use
  • The spectacular outdoor amphitheatre at your disposal for concerts or pre-dinner cocktails
  • Our mixologist will create your own personalized cocktail according to your preferences. Hotel bars can offer vintage wines as well as rare spirits
  • Arrange a performance by an A-list artist to perform for your event
  • Our 6-treatment room Althea spa center will be prepared to pamper and rejuvenate you and your guests
  • Savour our master chef’s exclusive menu (designed according to your tastes) which can be served anywhere within the resort (not only at the 2 restaurants): on the beach,  pool-side, within the amphitheatre, in the conference center, etc.
  • Hire a photographer to document every moment of this experience and why not, feed the paparazzi if needed.
  • A confidentiality agreement will be signed to protect VIP guests. Mykonos Grand Luxury Resort is used to accommodating celebrity guests.
  • There are select dates that the resort is available for exclusive reservation and potential clients must be pre-approved.

Let us a make your event one to be remembered in the cosmopolitan environment of Mykonos. Direct access from many major European cities.



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