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Mykonos Grand Amphitheatre, a unique event venue

March 1, 2013


‘Countless are the types of buildings and structures that man has designed and executed for a myriad of uses throughout the course of his history. A handful at best are those that have not been altered or improved upon in any way, that have proved capable of corresponding to new needs, enduring the winds of change, and living and breathing to this day. The ancient Greek amphitheatre is one such structure; one such immortal architectural masterpiece. Today, 2,500 thousand years after their “creation” in ancient Athens, amphitheatres that in one way or another reproduce the ancient Greek prototype, are still being built the world over’ *

Ancient Athenian Agora, 2,500 years ago. Classical Athens masterminds, gives birth to and shapes the idea of the THEATER, a spectacle for the people, an extraordinary and unparalleled social event, organized and offered by the state just twice a year as part of two separate Dionysian festivals: one in the dead of winter (late December-early January), and one at the dawn of spring (late March-early April). Performances last three days in winter, five in spring.  Throngs of eager spectators assemble to enjoy the “drama” that will unfold before their eyes -tragedy, satire, comedy. Greeks and “barbarians” from the far reaches of civilization participate and merge with that which the cult of Dionysus has selected and developed into a superior art form, into a product for the people, so generously and publicly offered.

The stone-built amphitheatre at Mykonos Grand, faithful to its forerunners’ architectural norms, is a constant reminder of the grandeur of the people who lived and created here, in this corner of the world blessed by the gods from time immemorial.

Whatever your reasons for seeking a unique event venue, the Mykonos Grand amphitheatre could be just the space you have been looking for. With this miniature jewel of a structure as a backdrop, any event is enveloped in the majesty of simplicity. The Mykonos architecture merges harmoniously with that of the theater, as if it was born of the land itself. The staff of Mykonos Grand will effortlessly transform the space to suit event needs, having, as always, a constant ally in its superb location opposite the sacred island of Delos.

Wedding receptions, birthday parties, award ceremonies, theatrical performances, concerts, corporate presentations, cocktail partiesgala dinners, become one of a kind events that will forever remain in the memories of all who attended. And for guests’ wellbeing, Yoga and Pilates sessions are held here, an ideal setting in which they can wholly express their philosophy: the training of mind, body and soul.

For an extraordinary event, contact us for assistance or suggestions. Some photos of previous successfully organized events can be found on Pinterest.

*Extract from an article on the ancient amphitheater in thenewspaper “KATHIMERINI”, by VassilisAngelikopoulos. Sunday 25 July, 1999



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