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Mykonos Spa: “Time to Shed the Winter Body Blues… at Mykonos Grand Hotel”

May 25, 2012

Leaning into the wind on the deck of a ferry boat bound for Mykonos, I closed my eyes and savored the light mist of salty sea air spraying my face each time a swell broke against the side of the boat. This was the first tangible indication that summer was upon us, laid out in front of me in all its dazzling splendor. My “winter” body however, was also here. I had mercilessly been abusing it for months, through endless hours hunched over a computer screen, squirming in the driver’s seat in countless traffic jams, bent over the stove cooking the meal of the day… It was time for my yearly Mykonos Spa visit.

Finally! My first Mykonos getaway was going to mark the end of this prolonged maltreatment of self and the beginning of a new me. I had worked hard and the time was ripe to purge, both mentally and physically, everything that was weighing my body down.

Arriving at the luxurious Mykonos Grand Hotel and checking in with Roberta, a member of the gracious Guest Experience staff, I always have the sense that I am meeting up with a good old friend who is elated to see me and eager to hear my news. I hurry to our room, get settled in and then gesture to my partner that it’s time for me to make my exit. I walk, almost as if in a trance, towards the Althea Spa Center, famed for its inimitable location gazing across the turquoise straits to the island of Delos, one of the most sun-drenched spots on the planet.

“I have come prepared”, I declare enthusiastically. “I know all about your “well-kept secret”, the new Spa-jet beauty capsule, and I am ready to let it assuage the needs of my much-afflicted body”, I add with a touch of self-deprecating humor. “Now, what else is on the menu?”

“Flowers, fruits, honey and warm sea shells!” is the unexpected answer I receive, and before I have time to contemplate what this curious combination could possibly mean at a spa center, I am presented with the two latest treatments that have been added to the already extensive range of services available at the renowned Althea Spa.

The “Touch of Gaia” treatment uses products containing fruits, flowers, honey and seeds high in anti-oxidants that help eliminate dead skin cells, followed by a massage and application of skin firming and restructuring products that re-hydrate face and body and  permit them to “breathe” .

The “Lava Shells Massage” uses specially selected sea shells from the South Pacific that are naturally heated and emit healing warmth. Highly-trained spa specialists, physical therapists and beauty experts work the Tiger Clam shells over your body, unblocking the circulatory system and granting complete relaxation, stimulation and rejuvenation.

“I want to try them all!” I say determinedly … and they found just the right treatments for my body’s particular needs… and truth be know, there were many! What about yours?

For a thoroughly rejuvenating experience, allow the professional therapists at Mykonos Grand’s Althea Spa Center to suggest a tailor-made day package.


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