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Mykonos Spa Center: A Treasure Trove of Beauty Secrets at the Mykonos Grand

February 8, 2012

There is a well-kept secret hiding within a new and intriguing capsule at the Mykonos Grand’s Althea Spa Center. Open it up, recline in its sleek, ultramodern embrace and take pleasure in the curative powers of hydrotherapy in the most innovative of what the spa world has to offer today. The new Dermalife Spa-Jet system is designed to stimulate the body, invigorate the senses and tend to the skin’s needs through a sublime fusion of ancient knowledge and modern technology.


Close your eyes and imagine yourself being pampered by a relaxing water and steam massage dispersed by 10 above-the-body and 10 under-the-body jets at a temperature that your beauty therapist can regulate for you at the touch of a button. Herbal extracts and essential oils are vaporized throughout the translucent capsule to permeate the skin and awaken the senses while simultaneously enhancing results and enjoyment. Vitamins and minerals, total-body hydro-massage, aromatherapy and chromotherapy with atmospheric colored lights, all promise harmony and balance… and deliver!

Before surrendering yourself to a luxurious facial and body treatment using exclusive natural products, indulge in a Dermalife Spa-Jet experience. Detoxify, moisturize and relax both body and soul with a tropical rain mist shower, the perfect way to prepare your body for any subsequent treatment.

If there were a way to become one with water, life’s most precious component, then this must surely be it. The spa’s newest acquisition … at your beauty and wellness service!

The Althea Spa Center is a unique Mykonos Spa located opposite the sacred island of Delos, birthplace of the mythological god of light Apollo, and coincidentally one the sunniest areas in the world. This increased sunshine blesses the area with a high concentration of cosmic energy, something that will undoubtedly heighten your Mykonos Grand spa experience.


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