Escape from the ordinary … just like Shirley Valentine

08 March 2012

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Romantic Dinner on the Mykonos Grand Beach

At 42 years young, Shirley Valentine had already taken a back-seat to life, watching the days drone by in the same, meaningless way. She would find herself talking to the kitchen wall, where the only semblance of a “life” seemed to resonate from a small poster hidden away on the inside of a cupboard; a simple Greek tourist office brochure tantalized Shirley. The background photograph of a whitewashed chapel topped by a humble cross glowing in the rays of the setting sun, surrounded by the vast turquoise sea, an image so typical of the islands of the Aegean Sea, seemed to call out to her.

Shirley had projected all of her dreams into that picture. Perhaps that was why she was so frightened to take the plunge and enter that alluring dream. It was all she felt that she had left. What would happen if reality wasn’t worthy of the dream?

But Shirley did muster up the courage to fly to Greece, where she arrived on the island of Mykonos, ready to rediscover herself. She let her body be enveloped in the warm welcoming rays of the Greek sun; she ran her fingers through the pure golden sand; she looked Mykonians in the eye; she flirted, laughed, tasted, experienced a traditional Greek wedding, bathed in the light, and at the end of the day, she sat down on the Ayios Yiannis beach and saw her dream for the first time. Only this time there was no poster there in front of her, but rather the deep blue Aegean Sea that swells just slightly when the “Meltemi” north winds release their refreshing breezes; the warm sand that cools your feet as they sink lazily into it; the colors that burst forth from the sky, colors that seem to have come from a child’s fertile imagination; and that slightest of whispers that you can hear only if you close your eyes and listen closely as the setting sun takes its last breath of the day.

Shirley didn’t just find herself on Mykonos, but rediscovered the value of life, her husband’s love and her desire to live all over again. Because in this blessed Greek land, life has meaning, architecture has simplicity, food has quality and beauty has no limits!

What would “The Lord of the Rings” have been like without the magical backdrop of New   Zealand, or “Out of Africa” without the sandy haunting landscape of Mombasa? What would Shirley’s dream have been like if it didn’t float across the sands of one of most stunning beaches of the famed island of Mykonos, a beach with front-row seats to one of the world’s most glorious sunsets? This is the location of the Mykonos Grand Luxury Beach Hotel.

Our Mykonos luxury resort offers a package inspired by “Shirley Valentine” that includes: 3 nights accommodation for two in a luxurious room with sea views, daily breakfast, a private Champagne check-in, a 4-course dinner on the beach with bonfire, a rose petal turndown service, a DVD of the movie as a memory and transportation upon arrival & departure to make sure that you, unlike Shirley, actually get on the plane back home!

Escape from the ordinary in the only Condé Nast Traveller 2012 Gold List hotel on Mykonos and make your trip a memory to last a lifetime by staying in this “Small Luxury Hotel of the World” beachfront resort. Book now to secure your own personal journey of rediscovery!

Mykonos Grand Hotel Beach, Ayios Yiannis

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