On your mark, get set, go… on a fitness break at Mykonos Grand!

12 August 2014

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 Mykonos Grand fitness break with tennis court, squash court, gym, fitness center and yoga sessions

My suitcase stands ready, packed from the previous evening. Swimsuit, light clothing, hats, two or three evening ensembles and my sport shoes. Trainers, shorts, leggings. They’re never far from hand. Fitness is a way of life for me, and even on vacation, I never interrupt my favorite daily routine. This summer at Mykonos Grand luxury hotel I’ll swim my heart out, play tennis till the sun goes down or before it even rises high into the bright blue sky, test my limits jogging through the winding paths of Mykonos island, with the encouragement of none other than the experienced Mykonos Grand coaching team. And…we’re off! Read More…

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