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Luxury 5 star hotel

  • Personalized service: 80% of hotel staff cooperate with us for 6-10 years and our personalized service is praised the most. Catering to guest’s needs is our top priority, so we ensure our staff undergoes frequent training workshops to polish their skills.
  • Hotel Beach Guests only: Our resort has an enviable beachfront location on Ayios Yiannis known as Shirley Valentine beach, opposite the sacred island of Delos which gently resonates calm and relaxation. Our guests may enjoy complimentary beach facilities and our beach attendants look after any needs. To ensure a peaceful and relaxing environment, there are no water sports on our sandy beach.
  • Peaceful Island Rooms & Suites: We have combined the Cycladic architecture of cube shaped whitewashed buildings and cobbled paths with romantic, stylish and restful interior décor. Furniture and decorative lighting is elegant and streamlined, recalling mid-twentieth century styling.
  • Unique customized dining experiences: Experience romantic dinners on the beach in front of a glowing fire, a customized BBQ at suites with private pool, inspiring picnic baskets with local delights and wine tastings at our double height Wine Cellar.
  • Rejuvenating Luxury Spa: Full serviced spa with emphasis on ancient Greek technics and rituals, offering both outdoor and indoor therapies. Our awarded Spa Retreat taps into each guest’s individual needs and senses. The combination of natural Mediterranean ingredients and ancient Greek health and beauty treatments create a unique combination.
  • Inspirational Exercise: Our spectacular stone built outdoor amphitheater is a unique spot for pilates sessions. In addition, our sports facilities include: outdoor tennis, 500 sqm outdoor heated swimming pool, technogym fitness center, jogging paths designed by hotel’s training team.
  • Space to Relax: Many of our guests come from congested cities or busy lives. We want to make sure they feel the relaxing benefits of natural space, and our accommodation is spread within five acres of land, enjoying the extra space only found in a luxury hotel.
  • Complimentary shuttle to Mykonos Town: Our guests may visit daily Mykonos Town with its boutique shopping, sophisticated night life and world class restaurants with our complimentary shuttle service starting from 19:00 to 0:00.
  • Small Luxury Hotels of the World: We are proud to be a part of this exclusive brand, champions of small, independent luxury hotels ensuring guests enjoy truly authentic travel experiences.